JLABS are a network of biotech incubators created and managed by Johnson & Johnson Innovations (JJI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. JJI supports development of some early-stage technologies by providing resources to smaller technology companies.

JLABs were previously called Janssen Labs,1 and this name is sometimes still used.

  • JLABS are intended to nurture the development of startups developing technologies within J&J’s areas of interest.2
  • JLABS provide tenants with numerous resources, for example common areas, shared lab equipment, educational programs, and a range of business, operations and EH&S services.3
  • Tenant companies pay rent. According to the J&J website, the smallest lab space is $1-$1.2k/mo.4
  • Johnson & Johnson asserts that it has a “no strings attached model” – the company does not take equity stakes in tenant companies, nor do they make claims on intellectual property.5
  • Startups submit an application to become a JLABS resident.6,7
  • Selection criteria include:8 Compelling and credible science and/or technology, area of significant medical or market need, demonstrate financial solvency

Resources Provided to Tenants

JLABS provides certain resources to tenants.9



  • There are now 6 JLABS, including 5 in the US.
  • Collectively, these facilities represent 180,000 sq2 of lab space for a maximum of 192 companies.
  • Four of the six JLABS are occupants within independently operating incubator facilities.

- JLABS @ San Diego is housed in Jannsen’s West Coast Research Center.10
- JLABS @ SSF is housed within a facility owned by HCP, Inc.11


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