Replication Medical, Inc. designs and develops novel and biomimetic hydrogel implants which provide alternatives to conventional surgical materials. The company produces one product for the US market – EnGuard™ vessel guard, a biocompatible, tissue-like hydrogel that is used to cover spinal blood vessels following anterior vertebral surgery. The company has sales in Europe, but does not yet have FDA approval for US sales.


Industry: Biomedical
Sub-industry: Medical Devices / Implants
Focus Areas: Surgical device / materials, CNS, Medical device / implants
Focus Areas - detailed:

Products / Services

Replication medical sells the EnGuard™ Vessel Guard, which is a smooth, soft hydrogel that serves as a protective cover for spinal blood vessels following surgical procedures in the spinal column.

The EnGuard Vessel Guard is made of a proprietary “Hydrogel,” an insoluble hydrophilic polymer with roughly the physical characteristics of cartilage. The surgeon affixes the EnGuard Vessel Guard to surrounding soft tissue or vertebrae using sutures, staples, or tacks.

Replication Medical has two other products - GelFix Interspinous Spacer (back pain) & GelStix Nucleus Augmentation (back pain). These products are sold in Europe but do not have US approval.




2000 Founded
2000 Abbott Spine invests $3M for Product Development
2003 Abbott Spine invests $6M for Product Development
2004 Abbott Spine invests $1M for Product Development
2005 Abbott Spine invests $15M
2009 Debt Financing of $200k
2010 Awarded Qualified Therapeutic Discovery Grant ($250k)
2010 Raised $1.1 at unknown valuation
2011 Raised $410k at unknown valuation
2015 Breach of contract complaint filed against Aureus Medical GMBH

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